RiskWise 4.0

It is a Risk Based Inspection soft for plant inspection & maintenance
4.0.3 (See all)

RISKWISE is an advanced Risk Based Inspection (RBI) software program designed for optimising plant inspection and maintenance. The identification of damage mechanisms allows inspection techniques to be focused. Safe inspection periods are derived so inspection can be scheduled most effectively. More focused inspection of high risk equipment and relaxed inspection of low risk components provide for an optimised inspection programme.

- New generation, code compliant Risk Based Inspection (RBI) software for optimising plant inspection and maintenance
- Evaluates a risk profile for the plant
- Provides run length indexes (RLI) in generic manner covering all damage mechanisms
- For each equipment item the risk and RLI are combined to output safe inspection and maintenance intervals formally
- Designed for use by plant personnel such that implementation is not dependent on external consultants

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